Meet & Greet for LA Mayniacs

“LA Mayniacs! Want to be invited to my private Mayniac Meet Up after my free CityWalk show this Sunday, November 25th?  All you have to do is pre-order “Contrast” on MerchDirect or iTunes or buy my single “Turn Around” on iTunes.  There are only two ways to get into the meet & greet:


1. Pre-Order Contrast

Pre-order the album, and you’ll receive two meet & greet wristbands, a “Vegas Girl” hat, and two posters for Conor to sign at the meet & greet.  You can order a special bundle from Merch Direct ( or pre-order on iTunes.  


2. Buy “Turn Around”

Purchase “Turn Around” on iTunes, and you’ll receive one meet & greet wristband, and a poster for Conor to sign at the meet & greet. 


After pre-ordering the album or buying “Turn Around,” email your receipt or a screen shot of the “Thank you for your order” page to  After emailing, you will receive an official invitation with detailed instructions about the meet & greet (time, location, when and where to pick up your wristband, etc). You will also receive your wristband(s) the day of the show and your poster(s), and/or hat at the meet & greet. 


Space is limited!  Can’t wait to see you guys there!!!


November 21, 2012 at 11:55 pm